After decades of being away from “serious” photography, i’ve spent the last 3 years reacquainting myself with it. I've been photographing what I come across in my walking-around, everyday life. I carry my compact Fujifilm X100V camera with me at all times (as well as my smartphone—hello everyone, everywhere) and serendipity sometimes rewards me with images of lovely light or curious scenes.

The way of the street photographer—of discovering not imposing—of distilling from everything as compared to creating from nothing— intrigues me more than any other artistic endeavor I’ve tried. Yes, fact is often stranger than fiction.

I gravitate to quiet places, usually outside, often abandoned. These ordinary places often contain intriguing objects. I find weirdness and humor within our built environments—imperious signs and symbols, street items resembling renaissance drapery, mysterious imprints left by nature and people.  

My intent, even to me, is often ambiguous, intuitive, a contemplation. i invite the viewer to find their own meaning in these photographs, or to just be tickled by the small wonders that most times go unnoticed.

–Laura Campbell, 2/18/2024